Putting Security in DevSecOps

DevOps combines the best practices within software development and IT operations:

  • Reduces the time it takes within the development life cycle to bring a product into production
  • Provides continuous delvery with high-quality software outcomes
  • Works well with Agule software development.

DevSecOps takes this a step furter by adding security best practices into the mix

DevSecOps: 8 Key Benefits

  1. Introduces software security testing earlier in the development process
  2. Provides a vehicle to drive uniform application security baselines for developers
  3. Grows the pool of knowledge and skills with a stake in security
  4. Establishes a sense of shared responsibility across departments
  5. Helps identity vulnerabilities at conceptual design phases vs post-production deployment
  6. Improves alignment with compliance objectives
  7. Increases proficiency through more thorough and frequent testing
  8. Leads to actionable metrics (# of deployments, time to patch, % tested)

DevSecOps: 5 Best Practices to Follow

  1. Dont just implement DevSecOps – Budget time and resources for propper training and enable your teams to succeed.
  2. Make it more than high level – If your developing and application that queries a SQL database, start tests for SQL injection early and continue testing throughout development
  3. Improve and automate – As your DevSecOps state matures, increase proficiency by developing improvements metrics and automating processes
  4. Review all your code – Dont forget about third-party code contributors
  5. Impement Zero Trust – Dont automatically trust anything; always verigy when applicable. Source
How Can ITM Help You?

iTM covers all aspects of Cyber Security including but not limited to Home cyber security managed solutions to automated, manage threat intelligence, forensic investigations, Cloud security best practice & architecture and cyber security training. Our objective is to support organisations and consumers at every step of their cyber maturity journey. Contact Us for more information.

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