Types of Vulnerability Assessment

When you have something valuable, the thought of protecting it is always on your mind. Few things are more valuable to today’s businesses than the data they collect and manage. Keeping that priceless data safe necessitates constant monitoring.

The lens of vulnerability assessment is one of the greatest ways to think about this. Regular vulnerability assessments are similar to checking to see if doors and windows are locked or watching home security camera footage if you think of your company as a house.

  • Application & Database
    • Identifies software vulnerabilities
  • External Assessment
    • Identifies vulnerabilities from the outside in
  • Internal Assessment
    • Identifies vulnerabilities on the inside of the network
  • Social Engineering
    • Identifies vulnerabilities within human resources
  • Wireless Assessment
    • Identifies vulnerabilities within wireless networks
  • Physical Assessment
    • Identifies vulnerabilities within people & facilities
  • Scanners that use the internet
  • Scanners that are based on the host
  • Scanners on the go
  • Scans of databases
  • Scans of the application

Internal, external, or environmental elements may be the targets of these scans. Scanning can be performed manually or automatically. The purpose is to uncover security flaws before moving on to the next step, which is remediation.


The simple fact is, threats are on the rise and vulnerability assessments can inform businesses about the flaws in their environment and provides guidance on how to mitigate the risk those flaws pose. The vulnerability assessment method aids in reducing the likelihood of an attacker breaching an organization’s IT systems by providing a better awareness of assets, vulnerabilities, and overall risk.

A vulnerability assessment is a smart place to start for organisations looking to decrease their security risk. It performs a comprehensive, all-encompassing examination of hardware and software assets, discovering vulnerabilities and assigning a risk score. A frequent assessment programme helps firms manage risk in the face of a constantly changing threat environment by finding and assessing vulnerabilities so that attackers can’t exploit them.

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