About IT Minister

Cyber Security For Everyone

IT Minister approach to our customers cyber security requirements, ensures no matter the size or scope presented, we are always relied upon to deliver a service which can be trusted. Our expertise allows us to recommend actions to be taken before those shortcomings are exposed or exploited by less trustworthy parties This is done through visibility and control across the entire cyber landscapes.

IT Minister covers all aspects of cyber security from Home cyber security managed solutions to automated, manage threat intelligence, forensic investigations and cyber security training. Our objective is to support organisations and consumers at every step of their cyber maturity journey.

At IT Minister, we are passionate about supporting organisations and consumers in every day cyber security challenges. With our unique approach to cyber security issues, we are in the right position to offer next-level security services and to give you the best possible advice and solutions.

Our Team

Ricardo Newman


Ricardo founded IT Minister in 2009. Serving as Director since the companys inception.

He has over fifteen years of experience in information technology and cyber security and has worked in various industries over the years. He has many reconized industry cyber security qualifactions, including CISSP, CCSP, CISM, CISA, C|EH, C|HFI, PMP and many more. He is also an Architect in all three major cloud providers, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

Ricardo is currently presuing his Masters in Business & Management.

Although still a relatively small micro consultancy business, he will be responsible for guiding it into an innovative and dominant leader within the information security industry. He will formulate new strategy and cyber security solutions to meet industry standards, regulatory, consumer and business requirements and compliance.

Hodan Hersi

Business and Customer Support Leader

Responsible for approaching potential new clients to arrange meetings to discuss our services and win contracts. Develop strong relationships with exiting and new clients to identify their needs and preparing bespoke proposals to best suit their requirements.

Attend events and conferences to build a network and gain information on market trends.

Produce reports and presentations to customers and senior management.

Identify new methods and opportunities for sales campaigns.


Aprentice Cybersecurity SME

The apprentice will shadow and assist experienced cybersecurity staff to learn the field. By observing and asking questions, they will build knowledge on assessing risks, detecting threats, investigating issues, and responding to incidents.

They will gain exposure through sitting in on meetings and monitoring calls. The trainee will practice basic tasks under supervision and take courses to build fundamentals.

With mentor guidance, training and feedback, the hands-on learning by shadowing will prepare the trainee for a career in cybersecurity.