Comprehensive, Continuous Cyber Defence Management

Home Cyber Management

The Internet has rapidly become increasingly integrated into our daily lives in ways we are largely obviously to.

We have been somewhat aware of the threats to Computers, Laptops in the home but new Internet connected devices such as smart TV, smart Fridges, Stoves, Video/Audio Door Alarms, that will be able to connect to the Internet, will bring a wider, more disruptive avenue of potential impact on our personal data being breached.

Business Cyber Security Services

IT Minister has a wide range of cyber security consultancy services suited to different types of businesses & delivered by an experienced team of consultants who have a broad and deep experience of the cyber risks faced by organisations today.

We also have the technical know how, which enable use to projectize objectives to meet your business requirements. Our overall aim in all instances of our engagement is to increase your business security maturity level.

Cyber Security Training

People are the weakess link in Cyber Security. Thats why, we take security training very seriously.

Whether its technical or non technical, it is one of the single most best attribute to a business or indiviual for boasting cyber security defence.

Unlike, other companies, IT Minister, dont just offer a survey and call it security training, we share, engage & demonstrate on a continuous schedule how to keep your data secure from breaches by making you aware of the threats.

Home Cyber Security Assessment

The big digital data world is here collecting, sharing and storing your data as you read this. There is enough digital data on any individual to mapped out quite accurately at least five years of their digital life which is readily available and valuable data for marketing.

Your PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is in the hands of many organizations, learn how we can help you know where it is, who is sharing it, ensure its being protected and how to get it removed from whoever has it.

Insider Threat Investigation

50% of Data Breaches is associated with Insider Threat, most of which is due to either intentional or unintentional missuse of access which can negatively affect the confidentiality, integrity or availability of organization's critical information or systems. The worst thing about this is that ~70% of insider breaches is not detected for months/years.

IT Minister can help reduce the risk of an Insider Breach by providing processes that proactively look at your riskiest user behaviour to spot anomaly.

Attack Simulation

IT Minister provides a range of attack simulation, from baseline security testing, fully automated phising attacks, on-demand, interactive and engaging live demos.

We provide reporting, showing stats and graphs which highlights progress and ROI.

Home Cyber Security Investigation

Criminals are increasingly using Home Consumers Internet connected devices as a channel to commit multiple Cyber Crimes, including and not limited to financial and data theft. Its estimated by 2022, every Home in the UK will have at least eight devices connected to the internet making theft of data highly likely.

IT Minister has been created to provide consumers with services for investigating related Cyber Crime against an indiviual but also ensuring that home connected devices are secured.

Security Consultancy

IT Minister can provide a wealth of Cyber Security consultancy services to fit your business needs and strategic objectivies. From, Risk Assessment, Compliance and Regulatory (IS0 27001, PCI-DSS, SOX, GDPR, SOC2), Secure Design, Cloud Security, Mobile Device Management, Cyber Security Incident Response Strategy, Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, Cyber Treat Intelligence gathering, Cyber Health Check up, Documentation creation/reviews and much more, based on your needs.

Our Technical consultants are able to provide their experience to help your organization get to its future architecture state and Cyber Security Maturity Level.

Cyber Security Tutoring

Providing individual or family Cyber Security training is at the heart of IT Minister core belives in fighting cyber crime.

Its simply really, "educate the population continuously to instil good cyber security hygiene".

IT Minister provides cyber security training for all. Our training packages can be customize for your specific requirements.

Business Enterprise Network Architecture

Network Infrastructures are the backbone of any businesses and is a measure of the business success. Therefore, it must be designed to respond quickly to changing business requirements and needs.

At IT Minister we help business choose the key technology elements to design a robust, secure, scalable, highly availability, resilient and fault-tolerance network architecture that meets business goals for future target architecture. This includes but not limited to voice and data network segmentation for data classification zones, network virtualization, automation & orchestration through programmability code.

IT Minister also provides solutions to optimize cloud networking across hybrid cloud environments, transfrom WAN connectivity via secure SD-WAN, branch LAN, Wi-Fi and home networks. We are also experts at transforming campus networking for workplaces and industries.

Digital Forensic Investigation

To battle Cyber Crime and bring those adversaries to justice, Digtial Forensic is a must have.

While advances in technology will continue to grow at a rapid pace, the need for Computer Forensic Investigation has also grown to ensure organizations are prepared in the event of a Cyber attack.

Whether you need support during an incident or require Computer Forensic Investigation for an Insider Threat, IT Minister can provide the technical assurance and tools to response to your business requirements that meets industry & regulatory standards.

Business Training

IT Minister provides corporate cyber security training for employees, clients and contractors or even your third-party vendors. Our aim is to ensure the people who are part of your business becomes the strongest link in your defence against cyber crime.

No matter the requirements, IT Minister can design and incorporate curriculms geared towards your business strategy around Secuirty training.

IT Minister Cloud Migration Strategy

  • Assess Your Current Infrastructure and Readiness
  • Establish a Plan
  • Consider the Security Risks
  • Prepare and Maintain Compliance
  • Prepare Your Team

Here at IT Minister, we understand Cloud security is a key concern for organizations and the main challenge of creating a consistent security posture across on-premises and cloud-based resources when migrating to the cloud. The reality is that traditional security policies are not adequate to effectively and seamlessly implement robust security across acloud environment. Thats why, IT Minister, is able to create dedicated cloud-based security solutions to address cloud-related risks and challenges. Get in Touch

Automated Security and Compliance for Cloud Infrastructure

  • Reduce Multicloud Attack Surface across identities, data, network and compute resources.
  • Security and Compliance across AWS, Azure and GCP
  • CIEM and CSPM in One. Read More here on Types of Cloud Security Solutions.
  • Actionable and granular visibility into all multicloud assets.
  • Risk findings of exceptional depth, prioritized by severity.
  • Automated and tailored remediation based on actual-use least privilege
  • Assess governance with full control over sensitive resources and ensure compliance with industry standards
  • Visual risk assessment across identities, network, compute and data.
  • Anomaly and threat detection based on advanced behavioral analytics
  • To learn more or schedule a demo, Get in Touch

IT Minister Cloud Security Strategy

  • Advanced security for networks, as well as data, compute, messaging, and identity attack vectors.
  • Systematic separation of all traffic flows (to, from, and within cloud environments
  • Segmentation by application or service and micro-segmentation of hosts running within the same segment or remotely.
  • Cultivating agility for DevOps and lines of business without compromising the corporate security posture.
  • Automation, efficiency, and elasticity in order to keep up with the velocity of business, while reducing risky human errors and misconfigurations by embedding security into code.
  • A platform-agnostic, borderless architecture in which security policies can be enforced consistently across all environments. Get in Touch

IT Minister Cyber Security Strategy

  • Cyber Security Risk Assessment
  • Cyber Security Data Protection
  • Cyber Security Threat Prevention
  • Cyber Security Threat Detection
  • Cyber Security Incident Management
  • Cyber Security Digitial Forensic Investigation
  • Cyber Security Training & Awareness

Here at IT Minister, we believe Home Internet Users & Businesses are the key to the Global Economic Cyber Defence Strategy being successful. That is why we have designed tailor made cyber security services for Investigating, Detecting, Protecting and Preventing malicious attacks on Home Internet connected devices & special targeted Cyber Businesses Services.

Cyber Security For Everyone

IT Minister approach to our customers cyber security requirements, ensures no matter the size or scope presented, we are always relied upon to deliver a service which can be trusted. Our expertise allows us to recommend actions to be taken before those shortcomings are exposed or exploited by less trustworthy parties This is done through visibility and control across the entire cyber landscapes.

IT Minister covers all aspects of cyber security from Home cyber security managed solutions to automated, manage threat intelligence, forensic investigations, Cloud security best practice and cyber security training. Our objective is to support organisations and consumers at every step of their cyber maturity journey.

At IT Minister, we are passionate about supporting organisations and consumers in every day cyber security challenges. With our unique approach to cyber security issues, we are in the right position to offer next-level security services and to give you the best possible advice and solutions.

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