Cyber Security Best Practices

  1. Review Security Posture regularly to ensure defences are up-to-date
  2. Educate employees about cybersecurity threats and know how to spot suspicious activity
  3. Implement strong authentication measures such as two-factor authentication
  4. Encrypt all sensitive data to protect it from unauthorized access
  5. Keep systems and software up-to-date as as security updates and patches become available
  6. Use a robust next generation firewall solution to block unwanted network/application/data traffic
  7. Restrict access to sensitive data to only those users authorized to access
  8. Perform regular backups in case of a cyberattack or loss of data due to an incident
  9. Regular test security controls to ensure that they effectively protect systems and data
  10. Stay inform about the latest cyber security threats to ensure that risk are identified and responses can be determine.

How Can ITM Help You?

IT Minister covers all aspects of Cyber Security including but not limited to Home cyber security managed solutions to automated, manage Threat Intelligence, Forensic Investigations, Mobile Device Management, Cloud security best practice & architecture and cyber security training. Our objective is to support organisations and consumers at every step of their cyber maturity journey. Contact Us for more information.

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