Companies play catch-up on cybersecurity

Few organizations have made sufficient progress in protecting information assets. This century is proving to be the century of cyber insecurity.

Companies’ cybersecurity measures aren’t keeping pace with today’s business environment demands.

  • 10% are approching advance cybersecurity functions(Level 3) & proactive approach (Level 4)
  • 20% have surpassed the cybersecurity maturity foundations (Level 2)
  • 70% have yet to fully advance to a mature-based approached (Level 0-1)

Most organizations have yet to reach the advance levels of cybersecurity management demanded by today’s business environment. As such the attackers have the edge right now, and while organizations have made some progress, most have a good deal to do to become resilient against existing cyberthreats and proactive on the rapidly changing threat landscape. Organizations have no time to lose in advancing toward holistic cyberresilience.

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